Spring & Fall 2017
Educational Events featuring Cheryl Fabrizi

Build Your Own Website In A Few Hours!
Saturday, March 18, 2017
SUNY Broome, Continuing Education

Forget learning HTML, XML, ASP and all those other web programming languages. If you know how to work a computer and create Word documents, you can create your own website. Come with ideas for your website address, information you want to post to at least your home page, and what your online marketing goals are.

In a matter of a few hours learn the essentials to buying a .com address, where to host it, what software to use, how to design, write and maintain your website all by purchasing an online templated service. Register today! (See SUNY Broome registration details below.)

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Create A Business Plan -- Mini Program
Starting September 2017 in Binghamton, NY
SUNY Broome, Entrepreneurial Assistance Program

We will cover the basics on developing your business idea, researching your market, starting your financials, and guiding you on the initial writing of your business plan. Includes great program instructional materials (readings and easy to follow worksheets, too!) See SUNY Broom contact details below.

How to register for SUNY Broome Continuing Education Courses & Entrepreneurial Assistance Program ...

Register with SUNY Broome’s Continuing Education Department. Call 607-778-5012 or visit www.sunybroome.edu today. Limited space available.

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