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Cheryl offers numerous workshops and seminars for businesses and non-profit organizations in the Southern of New York and Northeastern Pennsylvania. Executive strategy sessions, brainstorming workshops for marketing committees and area business associations or media interview training are just a few of the seminars, you can benefit and profit from with a few focused hours of identifying fabulous ideas and action steps to bring them to life.

NEW FOR 2010!

Get Your Green Marketing Together
Today, there are lots of different words and claims being made about organic, natural, sustainable, eco-friendly, hormone-free, certified and green. Learn and workshop what you should or should not be saying in your marketing, such as on your web site pages, in online directory listings, on your print materials and other marketing materials. Also, begin to explore how to successfully develop marketing strategies which assure customers understand your marketing messages. Learn how to develop and implement "green" marketing messages and "greener" strategies to attract customers at farmers' markets, via your web site, brochures, business cards and more! Understand more about your target customers and how and when to effectively reach them. Find out how to educate your consumers about your claims so they are able to understand and realize why your products/services are unique or different compared to your competitors.

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More seminars available include:

  • Business Marketing for Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs
    Inspire and motivate small business owners and entrepreneurs to create cost-effective and manageable marketing action steps and plans. Forget reading every marketing book published, when workshops and speaking engagements will cut to the chase for workshop or conference attendees. Leave with an immediate plan in hand to increase sales, drive more word-of-mouth, build customer loyalty, implement profitable marketing tactics and generate new customers. Cornell University Cooperative Extension and Broome Community College regularly host marketing workshops especially for small to mid-size businesses and entrepreneurs in the Greater Binghamton region.
  • Downtown Retailers Co-op Marketing Seminar
    Take more than a dozen downtown retailers, who typically market their goods and services individually and are limited by their marketing dollars and resources. Bring them together. Identify their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Brainstorm and workshop fabulous marketing ideas, creating a marketing plan the entire association as contribute resources and dollars to increase reach, results and build awareness and brand for a downtown experience.
  • Public Relations & Special Events Seminar
    Is your organization struggling with garnering media coverage, growing more members and increasing contributions? Or, your organization needs to create or enhance fundraising special events? Bring your organization or committee together to brainstorm, workshop and create actionable media and special event plans.

  • Brand Identity & Equity Seminar
    Business and organization success requires brand awareness and equity among your target customers. Gather your board of directors, executives or marketing committee to brainstorm, workshop and create an action marketing plan to assure your customers know who you are, what you stand for, what you offer and won't forget you ever.

  • Public Speaking & Media Training
    Serving in a new public leadership role, and unsure how you present yourself when the lights, flashes and cameras are on you? Then, learn the key techniques to speak and interview succinctly, so you present your key message points clearly to the media and your publics. This training session goes beyond simple discussion. One-on-one role playing and coaching brings to light consistent interviewing strengths.

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