More Resources

From time to time, Cheryl is approached by clients and students for additional resources to learn more about marketing. There are many resources to be tapped for marketing innovation and inspiration, including:

Do-It-Yourself Website Development:
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Cheryl's favs list of business and marketing books mentioned in her presentations:

Favorite authors
Any books by
Tom Peters
Any other books by Seth Godin
Any books by Ernan Roman
Any books by Scott Hornstein 

Direct Marketing Job Sources

Direct Marketing


Public Relations

 Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity David Allen
 Tribes: We Need You To Lead Us Seth Godin
 Meatball Sundae: Is Your Marketing Out of Synch?
 Seth Godin
 Purple Cow:
Transfer Your Business By Being Remarkable
 Seth Godin
 Free Prize Inside  Seth Godin
 The Dip: A Little Book That Teaches You When To Quit Seth Godin
 Changing The Game Edery, Mollick 
 Buying In Rob Walker
 Influence: Science and Practice  Robert B. Cialdini
 Buyology  Martin Lindstrom
 Iconoclast  Gregory Berns
 The Knack Brodsky,  Burlingham
 Talent Is Overrate Geoff Colvin
 Spanning Silos  David Aaker

 Guerilla PR 2.0 Michael Levine
 Made To Stick Chip Heath
 Presentation Zen  Garr Reynolds
 Your Marketing Sucks  Mark Stevens
 Billion Dollar Lessons  Paul Carroll
 Blue Ocean Strategy Kim, Mauborgne
 The Back of the Napkin  Dan Roam
 A Whack on the Side of the Head  Roger von Oech
 Always On  Christopher Vollmer
 Groundswell Charlene Li
  Words That Work Dr. Frank Lutz
 The Art of Onnivation  Tom Kelley
 The New Rules of Marketing & PR  David Meerman Scott
 Workforce Crisis  Ken Dychtwald
 Grown Up Digital Don Tapscott
 The Outliers Malcom Gladwell
 The Tipping Point Malcolm Gladwell
 No Excuse Leadership Brace Barber


 Building Routes to Customers Leboyer,Malraison, Raulerson 
 Digital Engagement Harden, Heyman 
 Fairytale Marketing: 7 Magical Discoveries Grant Johnson 
 In Search of the Obvious Jack Trout 
 Ship It Seth Godin 
 Linchpin Seth Godin


 Poke The Box Seth Godin 
 Weird Seth Godin